Sunday, May 29, 2011

Likes Loves Obsessions

So. Literally. I'm HOOKED on the Kardashians. They are exsessive EVERYTHING. For the most part I think it's artificial and unhealthy and got no soul. BUT I do love what Khloe and Kourtney wear and that would be the main reason I watch the show. REALLY. Same as with The Rachel Zoe Project and Gossip Girl (the FASHION in these shows is like something out of a dream for me!).
So on that note...I LOVE what Khloe is wearing below. Fearless bitch. Love her. Kourtney isn't wearing much above but I love her too. She seems the coolest of the bunch and she has a sexy body. That. is. all.

I haven't seen Misha Barton for ages. She was another one I used to love watching on 'The O.C' She looks FUN here! I am so into the business shirt look at the moment. I have about 10 in different colours. None with colourful bugs on them. Maybe I can get one made!!
This speaks for itself... LOVE

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