Monday, December 06, 2010


Obsessed with GREEN. Florence Broadhurst. GREEN Couches/Chairs. Wallpaper in the bathroom. Preferably by Florence Broadhurst designs. Silk jackets.

Inspirations of the day

The below images are all from gem gossip - the best jewellery fetish site I've ever found online!

Thursday, December 02, 2010


wallpaper in someones bathroom taken from Albertus Seba's book "A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" - the most beautiful book ever made.

So I had this cool idea last night. I don't actually want to share it yet but it got me interested in googling 'Cabinet of natural curiosities'. Interesting images abound!
Damn the Diamonds! A few weeks ago I was reading through a book with my little neice about the earth and how it's made etc. We got on to stones and how they are formed and which ones we like and which ones are the best. Of course I went on about diamonds and I had a vision of turning her into a diamond princess. She's too clever to get finicky about that kind of thing but at the same time - whats wrong with being a diamond princess? They are a girls best friend! ;)
As are shoes! These are Charlotte Dellals. Cool picture.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Above from Jak&Jil and below from Garance. How COOL are their bangles! Everyone loves a bit of animal in their jewellery.

Everyone can be fabulous!

After watching another fabulous episode of 'the Rachel zoe' project I'm thinking non-stop 'anyone can be fabulous. It's all in your attitude. Work it!'