Tuesday, July 24, 2007

put off

I love pippa small
I've been looking at jewellery design websites all afternoon and i feel really put off by whats out there...there is so much crap that i actually feel a bit dirty! i want my jewellery to be high end. super classy. exclusive. very cool.

what i need to do to differentiate myself from the horrible jewellery and tacky websites of this world: simplicity, excellent quality, completely different from the main-stream, quirky and so hot it's cool.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

jewellery making at CSMC

I've started a course at central saint martins college and I'm LOVING it!
my first ring i'll get back next tuesday has the words

hopefully it turns out AMAZING and i'll give it to mum,

because i love her! and it's her favorite song.

The next piece i'm starting tonight is a silver band.

I'm going to do a peace sign on the front side and a little love heart on the back side where it will join.

the fire is burning bright in my belly to design perfect and amazing pieces!