Wednesday, December 13, 2006

wish bone

pippa small
emily and ashley
philippa holland

astley clarke

pippa small

(Jane Diaz has collaborated with Nepalese metal smiths)Nepalese, turkish- they have a different technique to western jewellery makers, interesting and not so perfect.

talisman unlimited


paul and joe


mawi marc jacobs


Markus Lupfer



the detail is fantastic! yummmmm

early morning sky

the beauty never ends
it has no limits
even in the darkness of december
the trees are hibernating
communal gardens shut for winter
but the sky!
the early morning sky!
is purple
is pink
is blue
is beautiful!

hope is a waking dream

her jewellery makes me heart ache with desire to create.
i LOVE her jewellery
the small details
the thoughtfulness put into each piece


i have a fire in my belly today. i have been wanting my world of possibilities to come back to me and, as always, access to that world is through communication and i had that last night.
so what i'm excited about
-5 week tour in africa next year!
-becoming a jewellery designer!
-starting a jewellery design course!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

me today:

i love love
i love my control over myself in my efforts to loose weight
i LOVE love hearts, i saw one in the bubbles formed in the bottom of my glass of water yesterday
i love bed, warm soft, safe, sleepy bed
i love being in bed when its windy and rainy and cold outside
i love jewellery
i love my jewellery ideas
i love my boy
i love emails
i love fridays
i love money (dammit)
i love my new love of my old friend
i love tea, lemon tea on a sore throat, jasmine and green for sore tummy
i love flowers in pretty vases
i love dogs
i love pillows
i love home
i love my neice and nephews
i love being on the switchboard, sometimes, i don't know why
i love big blue skies
i love thunderstorms
i love wild rugged country-scotland
i love contrast-people, colours, foods
i love learning
i love travel
i love beauty
i love me
thats all today

loving them unashameably

fantasy-colour inspiring travel

colour-earrings striking
effect-dress, eyes